Sunday, June 21, 2009

Handmade Wedding Promotion

To tie in with the wedding seasons and the Etsy Handmade Wedding showcase (I'll be on June 28 showcase), I'm also throwing in a 10% off promotion for my wedding series.

See the postcard for more info - For my blog readers, mention "Congrats-blog" at sign out to enjoy not only the 10% discount but also free shipping.

Happy June~!

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Pink Berries - Jasper Earrings

A new listing from my esty store:

This new pair of earrings is inspired by an interesting colored fruit of a tree called "pink pagoda."

Being part of my fruit series, these earrings of berries are deliciously in season.

Made with mixed color jasper stones and sprinkled with faceted coral beads, the earrings are matched with red copper findings.

The different shades of peach in the earrings pops with different colors it's quite interesting: (try it if you don't believe me!)
Coral pops with white, cream, gold
Dirty pink / Light peach pops with brown and orange
Beige pops with grey

Hangs slightly short of 1.75 inches.

All pieces will be sent to you with a jewelry pouch in a tailored package with love.

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Ophelia's Dream - Pearl Necklace

A New listing on my etsy store:

Mimicking the intricate design of antique pearl jewelries, this necklace is part of my Ophelia series and perfect for evening or wedding.

Inspired by the romantic Shakespearean times and the Pre-Raphaelite drawings, I made the pearl flowers to look like settings of pearls with just wires. It is elegant and delicate like the daydreams of Ophelia.


The front part of the necklace with design pattern measures about 10.5 inches, connects to a pair of grey velvet ribbons giving flexibility of different lengths. But I think it looks best as a choker.

Each of the pearl flowers is about 1/2 inch wide, made with dark grey freshwater pearls surrounded by a circumference of small off-white pearl beads. The pearl strings are a mix of off-white pearl beads and silver chains. The sections of chains dangling in the middle of the pattern are ranging from 1-1.25 inches long. Each end of the ribbons are adorned with a sterling silver bead with a special brushed satin finish.

See also the matching earrings (in picture) under this link -
Ophelia - Pearl Earrings

All pieces will be sent to you with a jewelry pouch in a tailored package with love.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Something from a book

Well well, since I'm not creating fast enough, let's talk about some of the things that are slowing me down -

The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera

I've been trying to read this book since university and somehow I carried it around and never got to start reading it. The book is old and yellow now from sitting around the shelves of different places and carried in different bags in time.

Now 1/3 through the book I think I have got to two sections that defines the two key elements of the novel.

Let's start with this...
"The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."
But wait, it's not just about humanity and politics, let's go down to the personal level...
"The future is only an indifferent void no one cares about, but the past is filled with life, and its countenance is irritating, repellent, wounding, to the point that we want to destroy or repaint it. We want to be masters of the future only for the power to change the past."
Agree or disagree?

"Things deprived suddenly of their supposed meaning, of the place assigned to them in the so-called order of things, make us laugh. In origin," (per Kundera) "laughter is thus of the devil's domanin. It has something malicious about it (things suddenly turning out different from what they pretended to be), but to some extend also a beneficent relief (things are less weighty than they appeared to be, letting us live more freely, no longer oppressing us with their austere seriousness)."

Hold on, there are more than that...

"wherease the devil's laughter denoted the absurdity of things, the angel on the contrary meant to rejoice over how well ordered, wisely conceived, good, and meaningful everything here below was. Thus the angel and the devil faced each other and, mouths wide open, emitted nearly the same sounds, but each one's noise expressed the absolute opposite of other's...nowadays we don't even realize that the same external display serves two absolutely opposed internal attitudes. There are two laughters, and we have no word to tell one from the other."

Well, this is dedicated to the evil comedy lovers *grin*

TGIF. So not in the mood of working.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ophelia - Pearl Earrings

Here comes my latest listing. Inspired by the romantic Shakespearean times and the Pre-Raphaelite drawings, this pair of earrings is created to mimick antique settings of pearl jewelries with just wires. It is elegant and delicate like the daydreams of Ophelia.

Measures about half an inch in diameter, a gray freshwater pearl is surrounded by a circumference of small white pearls, and finished with a sterling silver hook for sensitive ears.

A matching necklace and bracelet will be available shortly. Please ask if you are interested for a preview.

Free shipping for orders of 4 pairs or more (I am sure they look real good on the bride or bridesmaids). Just mention "CHARCOAL" at checkout under "message to seller" and I'll refund you the shipping charge.

All pieces will be sent to you with a jewelry pouch in a tailored package with love.

Visit my store at:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Look

BunnyNikisha is back online!

Recently I got a few friends in town and have been off my blog for awhile. The past two weeks I was pretty much tied up with sending out postcards to fellow Etsians for promotion. Yep, my postcards and business cards are done!

So I thought it's time for a new look to the blog. I have to say changing blogger's template is a big deal. Took me the whole afternoon to finally find a template that I can manipulate easier on the html editor. I wish there is a software I can use by just dragging and dropping instead of having to deal with css or xtml!

Anyways, stay tune for more from BN in the next few days. I'll see if I can get some new stuffs on the blog!


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