Monday, May 21, 2012

How to eat 2 bananas and an orange in 1 min - Poisonous Food Journal #5

On this super rainy late spring day in NYC, I am taking a break from being the designer of Harlequin&Lionhead or Bunnies Can Dream to be the Killerbun that I am, and bring you another episode of the Poisonous Food Journal.

Now this one is not poisonous literally. It is indeed a super healthy one. But the speed I took it in was probably not very good for people with smaller stomach. Eating 2 bananas and 1 orange, all in a minute. Let's just say I have help and I am not going to be at the hotdog eating competition anytime soon. And true to the spirit of this journal, no cooking involved, and possibly no washing even. 280 Cal - more than a bowl of rice and less than a salad lunch. hm, maybe it is just half a post instead. hm...

Got this from Bed Bath and Beyond. Made a great X'mas gift. I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or ebay. Single-serve blender from Hamilton Beach which comes with 2 cups in the packaging. One for you and one for someone else who made you make breakfast. Or if you were me, one cup for morning, one cup for evening. No dishwashing in between hoho...

Dump your fruits in the blender. Add water, or milk (in my case, a splash of Vitamin Water). And drink it in super speed. I left a little bit here for you in the blender. Enjoy.


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