Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A grand review and forecast!

2011 is definitely a year of blessing. A few ups and downs. But most importantly, no regrets. It was a year of confirmation and reinforcement. The past 12 months I am able to see which direction I should proceed and set a good foundation for 2012.

After leaving my stressful job in advertising back in May 2010, I have been working on my own terms. I met many new friends and propelled my jewelry shops from a hobby to an initial business. I am a much happier person, and a lot more patient and relaxed. To a point, I would say I have become a little less organized and a little more forgetful! But I love every second of it.

2012 will require some major changes. Big things planned and I am not sure if I can do it all. But I will try my best.

Here is a quick list of 2011 major incidents:

  1. Finished 12 handmade markets!
  2. Met some really talented people and made a few good friends through Etsy
  3. Launched a brand new macrame line on Bunnies Can Dream
  4. Launched a brand new polymer clay Whirls collection on Bunnies Can Dream
  5. Got my first wholesale order for Bunnies Can Dream
  6. Found a stable supplier for Harlequin&Lionhead
  7. Launched a brand new Whirls collection on Harlequin&Lionhead
  8. Got my first custom order for Harlequin&Lionhead
  9. Triple my billing for my jewelry shops
  10. Purchased my first work bench ever!
  11. Helped Charcoal find his new love, Roxy
  12. Became an aunt to my baby niece, Tegan
  13. Finally went to Niagara Falls, thanks to my mom
  14. Carved my first pumpkin, thanks to Jessica
  15. Recovered from a bad little accident
And here is a list of 2012 targets:
  1. Triple my 2011 billing
  2. Get the Rose and Whirls collection into boutiques
  3. Find a fashion related full time job (that would still allow me to work on my shops!)
  4. Get into at least 2 major handmade markets
  5. Get into at least 1 major trade shows
  6. Squeeze in a stone setting course
  7. Create a collection of polymer clay Whirls art piece
  8. Become a mother (unwillingly :P)
  9. Learn to drive
  10. Visit a lavender farm

The higher the target, the more anxious I get. But we still have 11.5 months ahead. Maybe, just maybe, the carrot is not too big for the bunny that dreams big.

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