Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Black Lace - Macrame Necklace

Little Black Lace Macrame Necklace

Every girl should have a little black lace choker necklace.

Using the same macrame pattern as my two other macrame bracelets, this lovely lace choker is handmade by me with nylon threads so it is extremely durable and stays in shape well. True to the romantic and nostalgic look, the choker is tied to your neck by satin lace on the back. The silver finding is made of sterling silver and will not cause any allergy to your sensitive skin.

I made this as a present earlier but it will be available on my Etsy store for you by end of this month. It can be custom made to your size and other colors available. It will take approximately 4 days to ship.

Check out my store:

Little Black Lace Macrame Necklace

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