Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking for a makeover? Here's a guide for you.

If you are looking for a makeover but hesitating, and wishing that you can see how you will look like ahead of time? Instyle has a good tool for you.

Try out the Makeover tool on the website.

You can either upload your pic, or find a model from the list that most ressembles yourself, add or reduce weight on her, then put on different celebrity hairstyle, try on various types of makeup...

Here's what I want for myself next (well that's not me in the photo though)...

BTW, don't forget about the buy-one-get-one free offer this weekend (8/29 - 8/30 only!) at my store:

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneak Peek - New Macrame Bracelet

Sea Waves

A sneak peek into my next macrame jewelry! This is the 5th piece in my collection. Continuing with the concept of combining foundamental macrame techniques with metal threads to create contemporary fashion jewelry, this new piece that is titled "Sea Waves" and is a matching bracelet for my earlier necklace "Pink Mentos".

The key technique I used here is called a diagonal double half-hitch knots. The pinkish beige beads used are Japan made glass beads which are more uniform in size and has a pearl sheen with a blurish reflection. The contrasting shapes of the rectangular beads and the soft curves of the macrame create more interesting pattern. And the combination of metal and non-metal threads provides a subtle change in shine along the bracelet.

It will end on the other side with a "pink mento" button to match with the necklace.

Sea Waves

The new bracelet will premiere in my store this weekend. So take advantage of the BOGO promotion this weekend. Or subscribe to my blog and get a 30% off any ONE item in my store if you miss the BOGO offer!*

*Cannot be combined. Subscription offer applies to product listing price and does not apply to shipping costs.

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BOGO Promotion this weekend!

If you are an Etsian you'll know that this weekend is the BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free)week! This is a long week for myself and everyone around me so an exciting discount helps hopefully ;)

Despite that most likely I will not be featured in Etsy Finds, I'll be promoting this among friends here. My offer starts Sat 8/19 midnight. And here's the detail:

The Offer:
If your total order is $100 or more, you'll get a pair of earrings of your choice for free.

The earrings chosen cannot be part of the $100 purchase. Shipping is not included in the $100 value. Cannot be combined with other offers.

How to Redeem:
Convo at check out which earring is selected and I'll add it into the order when shipped. Offer starts at midnight on Aug 29 and ends 11:59pm on Aug 30 standard eastern time US. Make sure to put in your order within this peroid.

Any question, feel free to convo me :)

Happy shopping and smile :D

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Monday, August 24, 2009

I just got featured in a treasury!!

Ophelia Earrings This is a day to celebrate! My Ophelia Earrings are featured on treasury. This is my first feature and I'm so excited about it. Thank you very much to a fellow jewelry designer IsMoreNa. She does some amazing crochet jewelries. Check out her store on Etsy.


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Addition to the Macrame Collection - Earrings

As you probably have read from my earlier posts, I'm quite captivated by macrame recently. I have launched my first macrame necklaces and now here are the matching earrings.

These earrings are made with a knot called Half Hitch. It creates a ridge and if tied with a string, it will also twist like the Half Knot Sennit. This one you see in gold was an inspiration I got from my last trip to Denver. One of my clients is wearing a pair of gold loop earrings with a similar effect but made out of wires and metal. I thought how cool it is if you can make it with macrame, an old technique that has survived through times passed down from tribes!

This one is called the "Ring of Stars" and will be posted to my etsy store on Monday 8/24. You can see the matching necklace, "Belt of Stars" here.

I also have a green version called, "Green Moonlight". And it's matching necklace is here.

Green Moonlight Green Moonlight

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trendspotting!! Fall/Winter 09

My great pal - ShopGirl - who runs the fashion blog "Breeze in Paris" has recently posted a few great new trends for Fall/Winter 2009.

Overall, looks like the fashion world is going BOLD and EXTREME this coming season in contrast to the gloomy economic environment.

With her consent, I have summarized into the excerpt below and if you want to read more, visit her blog at


"New fall collection is all over town in Paris. All have one thing in common: Asymmetrical cuts & layers...Layers, flowy cuts...Remember proportion is the key...We have 2 other extreme trends that will hit the fashion streets this year: Bohemian, and Rocker Chick: Leather."


"Classic winter black, grey, white, and fire-engine red, with plaid being a very popular fabric pattern this time around...This winter, on top of the classic winter colors I have mentioned before, we're going to discover a relatively more colorful winter fashion than ever! One of the reasons is to hopefully spark some hopeful positive spirit in us in this slowly recovering recession."


"The use of metals, steel pieces is a necessity in the jewelery trend...This year's accessory trend is "extremely" bold in styles, structure, and colors...The use of materials is vast and creative, often with complicated designs and combination of big and small pieces...Turning a piece of accessory into the star of the show, the spotlight of the entire ensemble."

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Etsy Gems: Mohop - Customize your sandals!

If you are a creative person, and you love shoes, ribbons and wood, I have a perfect match for you!
Mohop: Walnut midheight, also available on etsy, offers special ribbon-tied/laced sandals. The variety is just amazing - Round toe, square or pointy; maple, cherry or walnut wood; 1-inch height to 4-inch wedge; thong or not; metalic ribbons, solid sunny cotton ribbons, thick or name it, Mohop has it! And they are comfortable because of the contour design and the faux leather padding.

And the best thing is, you can tie it anyway you want. See these few samples...

Mohop started with Annie Mohaupt and Siamak Mostoufi. Annie has a degree in architecture and started making shoes in 2005. Today, the Mohop Sandals are available in a few hundred different variations and each made by Annie and a small team of artisans in their Chicago studio. Check out their shops and be inspired to create your own way of wearing the sandals!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where is bunnynikisha?!

Oh hi, I'm right here!

Sorry folks I've been traveling this week for my day job (bunny slave...sigh) and was not able to post anything until today. And yet, it's friday so I don't have anything too interesting either.

Let me just give you a preview of what's in store this weekend.

1) New product postings coming Sat night at my etsy store
2) A great find on Etsy for the shoe lovers - Mohop

And next week as promise, I'll post the Autumn/Fall trends so stay tuned!


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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Circle crazy!

I have recently discovered some really pretty prints of trees with a theme of circles. It has inspired me in creating a series with mother of pearl discs. These little pieces come in different colors. I'm hoping to launch them within August and will provide you a preview here on my blog soon.

So for now, enjoy these beautiful prints from our fellow artists on Etsy:

Tree of Many Colors by Rosemary Pierce-LackeyRed Balloon Print by Jellybeans

(top left)Rosemary Pierce-Lackey (top right)JellyBeans

Lemon Bubble Tree by PapermothGreen and White Idea Tree by AndThen

(top left)Papermoth (top right)AndThen

Lights In the Sky by PaintingPrintsTree and Circles - Red Maple by Scottgarrette

(top left)PaintingPrints(top right)Scott Garrette

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Kefir Cultured Milk Diet - do it if you dare

OK, it's not that scary but it sure does when you look at the menu. If you have tried Kefir Cultured Milk, you'll know that it's the perfect coating for your stomach. Healthy and yet effectively curb hunger. With probiotic it also helps keep your digestive system efficient.

The only problem for this diet to me, is what I need to eat with Kefir... :(

This is a 6-day cycle diet. After the diet ends, you can eat normal but I recommend to keep up your exercise afterwards. A few friends tried the diet and successfully removed 5lbs or so in 6 days. But after the diet ended, it is easy to put back on what you lose unless you keep up the "shape-conscious" lifestyle.

Here it goes:

DAY 1: Cleansing
Drink only nonfat kefir in a volume of 1.2 liters, 100-125 grams every 1.5 hours

DAY 2: Carbs and Fibre day (yes you hear it right)
Drink 1.2L of nonfat kefir and eat 4 potatoes.
The consumption of food must be alternated every 1.5 hours. e.g, 125g of kefir --> 1.5hr later 1 potato.
During the day you have 8 consumption of food.

DAY 3: Protein day
1.2L of nonfat kefir and 400g of degreased cottage cheese. 100g of the cottage cheese per portion. Same as previous day, the consumption of food must be alternated every 1.5hr. Total of 8 consumption of food.

DAY 4: Fibre day
1.2L liters of nonfat kefir and 8 cucumbers. 2 cucumbers per portion.
Same as previous, alternate consumption of food.

DAY 5: Protein day
1.2L of nonfat kefir and 1 chicken. Boil chicken without the salt!!!
Separate meat from bones, mix white and red meat and divide to 4 parts.
Same as previous, alternate consumption of food.

DAY 6: Last push
Today, only nonfat kefir of 1.2L. Last day people, hang in there and you will be able to squeeze into that tight jeans! Drink every 1.5hr.

And there you go, pretty thing.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UPDATE - Giveaway on Stylist Diva!

A fellow blogger - Stylist Diva is throwing a Great Giveaway tomorrow (Wed, Aug 5) to celebrate her blog makeover. Check out her blog at:

My Pink Berries earrings is part of the giveaway!

Pink Berries - Jasper Earrings

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Healthy Diet - Kefir Cultured Milk

Summer is almost over but it does not mean we are saved from dieting.

I put on so much weight with the July 4 weekend and ice-cream this summer I cannot even imagine what would happen to me after Thanksgiving. The thing is, I just can't stop snacking. It's like my stomach is so used to being stuffed up I need to constantly keep it filled...dangerous.

If you have the same problem, here's a good diet option. No need to starve.

I discovered this from my Russian client at work - Lifeway Kerfir probiotic cultured milk. Go for the lowfat plain one. It's actually quite sour but for those that are crazy about Yogurt drink, you'll LOVE this. And the best thing is, you can blend it with any fruit of your choice (just be mindful of the calories from fat content and the sugar level of certain fruits) - and it is super delicious.

This is a good meal-replacement at 110 calories only, with 2g of fat per serving without any addition. And different from fruits or yogurt, it actually curbs your hunger during the day. What I do is that I drink it as breakfast and dinner. But eat normal during lunch. Together with some exercise, you'll be able to lose weight but be healthy. Try it ;)

Of course you can go with the hardcore 7-day treatment. I'll post it next but I really don't have the determination to go through it...Stay tuned.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Delay in debute of new series

Hm...another weekend went by so swiftly.

Sorry I was not able to post my macrame necklaces earlier. There are still some minor tweaking I'm making and I thank you for your patience.

I realize that the strength of the threads make some difference to the effect I'm looking for. So I'm still tweaking them right now. I hope I can finish it by mid of this week...

Meanwhile, I'll share a new piece made earlier.

Mentos 2

The picture on the left is the finished piece - the centerpiece is made of pink dyed coral beads and the neck sections are made with pink shells. I ran out of the pink shells and will need to substitude with glass beads for the version that will be put on sale soon. But I think the effect will be quite stunning with the antique metal threads as the color will come out really nice.

Be patient this will be posted this weekend ;) Visit my store at:

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