Sunday, August 23, 2009

Addition to the Macrame Collection - Earrings

As you probably have read from my earlier posts, I'm quite captivated by macrame recently. I have launched my first macrame necklaces and now here are the matching earrings.

These earrings are made with a knot called Half Hitch. It creates a ridge and if tied with a string, it will also twist like the Half Knot Sennit. This one you see in gold was an inspiration I got from my last trip to Denver. One of my clients is wearing a pair of gold loop earrings with a similar effect but made out of wires and metal. I thought how cool it is if you can make it with macrame, an old technique that has survived through times passed down from tribes!

This one is called the "Ring of Stars" and will be posted to my etsy store on Monday 8/24. You can see the matching necklace, "Belt of Stars" here.

I also have a green version called, "Green Moonlight". And it's matching necklace is here.

Green Moonlight Green Moonlight

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