Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Healthy Diet - Kefir Cultured Milk

Summer is almost over but it does not mean we are saved from dieting.

I put on so much weight with the July 4 weekend and ice-cream this summer I cannot even imagine what would happen to me after Thanksgiving. The thing is, I just can't stop snacking. It's like my stomach is so used to being stuffed up I need to constantly keep it filled...dangerous.

If you have the same problem, here's a good diet option. No need to starve.

I discovered this from my Russian client at work - Lifeway Kerfir probiotic cultured milk. Go for the lowfat plain one. It's actually quite sour but for those that are crazy about Yogurt drink, you'll LOVE this. And the best thing is, you can blend it with any fruit of your choice (just be mindful of the calories from fat content and the sugar level of certain fruits) - and it is super delicious.

This is a good meal-replacement at 110 calories only, with 2g of fat per serving without any addition. And different from fruits or yogurt, it actually curbs your hunger during the day. What I do is that I drink it as breakfast and dinner. But eat normal during lunch. Together with some exercise, you'll be able to lose weight but be healthy. Try it ;)

Of course you can go with the hardcore 7-day treatment. I'll post it next but I really don't have the determination to go through it...Stay tuned.

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