Monday, August 3, 2009

Delay in debute of new series

Hm...another weekend went by so swiftly.

Sorry I was not able to post my macrame necklaces earlier. There are still some minor tweaking I'm making and I thank you for your patience.

I realize that the strength of the threads make some difference to the effect I'm looking for. So I'm still tweaking them right now. I hope I can finish it by mid of this week...

Meanwhile, I'll share a new piece made earlier.

Mentos 2

The picture on the left is the finished piece - the centerpiece is made of pink dyed coral beads and the neck sections are made with pink shells. I ran out of the pink shells and will need to substitude with glass beads for the version that will be put on sale soon. But I think the effect will be quite stunning with the antique metal threads as the color will come out really nice.

Be patient this will be posted this weekend ;) Visit my store at:

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