Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wow! Another feature on Etsy - of the SAME necklace!

Now, I'm proud. Not only is this necklace one of my best sellers, it is also the most featured item on Etsy.

This time, thanks to bentzbaby, "Shadow of a Tree" is on a lovely treasury again. Click below to go see it on Etsy.

There is also a green version, which is featured very frequently on Etsy treasury too. I'll post the latest feature on that one shortly ;)

Based on the popularity, I'm going to introduce 2 more colors this coming month. One will be of taupe and gray color theme, the other in a nude pink color theme.
Stay tuned ;)

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Gilbert & Lewis - Button Pin promos by MoldyCupcakes

Have not got a chance to update earlier. Recently I've been busy with getting these lovely fabric covered button pins done for a men's fashion brand, Gilbert & Lewis, as giveaways at their Vegas trade show.

A set of them uses embroidery of their latest catalogue cover (a pair of glasses) and another design "I (heart) G&L". Aren't they cute? I wish I can make some for my Bunnies Can Dream or Harlequin&Lionhead...
The other set uses fabric from their plaid shirt line and it's totally colorful!

Cute as a button isn't it?

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bubble Gums - a delicious feature on Etsy of my necklace!

Thank you very much, FosterBK!

What a mouth watering feature. Check out my hand blown glass necklace with gummy color seed beads at my shop. Click images to see ;)

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A spring feature on Etsy :)

Thank you very much, Aroundtheclock!

Click on the image below and see my Spring Thaw earrings at my Etsy store.

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