Thursday, August 25, 2011

Infamous salty oatmeal - Poisonous Food Journal Entry #1

To kick off the Poisonous Food Journal, I have to start with my infamous salty oatmeal that turns my husband's stomach and scared my ex-coworkers during lunch/dinner table at work pantries of different agencies across the continents.

It all started in college and it actually tastes more like Chinese congee and not poisonous at all. If I am willing to make this stove top, this could be a tasty healthy comfort food. But of course, this journal is for the lazy and hungry, so stove is obviously not available in our circumstance of discussion.

Laziest way:
The easiest way is to get the 1-minute oatmeal, throw in a pack of instant soup, add water and microwave. Voila! 1 minute later you have a high fibre-low calories meal. Do it in a paper cup you don't even have to wash anything.

Edible way:
Take dry Asian mushroom and soak it in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Then slice them up.
Take your old-fashioned oatmeal, add the water from the mushroom and half a can of soup or a pack of instant soup (replace it with chicken essence if you don't have any soup at home), add some more water, throw in the mushroom or even add an egg, start boiling everything and in 15 minutes you have a great tasting, actually pretty healthy meal, and a lot of pots and bowls and utensils to wash.

Good luck and remember, eat at your own risk!

P.S. I'll add a pic of my bowl next time I make it ;)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Poisonous Food Journal

Inspired by my life long friend, I am going to start a series to document some of the strange combinations of food I eat that I find extremely delicious (at least to me!) This is for the lazy and the hungry. So if you are too precious about your stomach, you can skip this.

BTW, there is a real reason behind my store name "Moldycupcakes" so now you know.

So look for the tag - Poisonous Food Journal from now on.

Stay tuned ;)

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet me in Dekalb Market, downtown Brooklyn

Don't miss my last show in August.

Date: August 20, 2011
Time: 10am - 7pm
Location: Dekalb Market

The market is extremely easy to get to by Subway:
1) B, D, N, Q, R - The Dekalb Avenue subway entrance
2) 2, 3 - The Hoyt Street entrance

For more info, go to their website.

I will be showing Bunnies Can Dream collection with Harlequin&Lionhead (my other store) and a talented lucite jewelry designer, Mycinta.

Read more about the Dekalb Market on my FB invite HERE. I'll see you on Sat!

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The new Macrame Hoop Series

Macrame Hoop Bib Necklace and Bracelet - PeacockMacrame Hoop Bib Necklace - PeacockMacrame Hoop Bracelet - Peacock
Macrame Hoop Bib Necklace - ChocolateMacrame Hoop Bib Necklace - ChocolateMacrame Hoop Bib Necklace - Plum
Macrame Hoop Bib Necklace - PlumMacrame Hoop Bib Necklace - EmeraldMacrame Hoop Bib Necklace - Emerald
Macrame, it's complexity and delicate beauty, is the inspiration for this series of contemporary jewelry that you can wear with everyday outfits, but extraordinary in itself. Macrame is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting.
This series features colorful and durable clon cords with cotton or silk threads knotted on a circular hoop to create a myriad of colors that forms patterns and shapes. They are statement pieces that are chic and stylish, and so versatile that it works well with an array of colors in your wardrobe. It can be worn with a tank top or maxi dress for a weekend look, or switch to a dressier look with a little black dress (or navy, green, name the color!)
Visit my store for more:
For all the macrame items, visit My Macrame Collection Page on

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Treasury update - July/August (Part 2)

Here we go, part 2 and more delightful items to brighten up your day. (see part 1 here)

This is created by raganella, featuring my Shadow of a Tree green necklace

This is created by Popetiquette, featuring my Jelly Fish necklace

This is created by valderie, featuring my Secret Garden macrame bracelet

This is created by mamabetsy, featuring my Lantern earrings

This is created by springhofeldt, featuring my The Lake necklace

This is created by esoneofone, featuring my Seaside coral necklace

This is created by MarbleandMilkweed, featuring my Shadow of a Tree red necklace

This is created by biancadenise, featuring my Blossoming in the Sun earrings

This is created by Byathreadbags, featuring my Pink Berries earrings

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

More macrame hoops

As I started working more with colorful threads, I just can't stop making more and more of them! From 1 big hoop earrings, to 3-hoop necklaces, to now a macrame hoop bib necklaces and bracelets. They are so delightful to make, to wear and to look at.

A few more color combinations are on the way. Visit my store for more details.

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Treasury update - July/August (Part 1)

OK, I've been crazy with my craft shows and Harlequin&Lionhead collections I have not even updated my treasury features for more than a month!

So here they are. Your eye candy part 1 ;)
This beautiful treasury is created by InnaBela,
featuring my Holly-Firework macrame earrings
(click HERE for the whole Fireworks collection)

This is created by raganella, featuring my teal Meteor earrings
(Click HERE to see my whole Meteor collection)

This is created by BrooklynBags, featuring my Grapes earrings.

This is created by mamabetsy,
featuring my Lady's Mantle macrame hoop earrings
(Click HERE to see the whole Macrame hoop collection)

This is created by MySelvagedLife, featuring my A Midsummer Night's Dream coral necklace.

This is created by literaryberry, featuring my Pink Berries earrings.

This is created by MarbleandMilkweed, and the next one is created by HansMyHedgehog. Both featuring my Sea Urchins necklace.

Part 2 coming soon ;)

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Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tight Spot

Last week was a tough one trying to get Harlequin&Lionhead Rose collection ready for the Astoria Market (also changing market last minute from Brooklyn to Queens!). But it helps a little on this week hopefully so I can start working on a new collection to be added to the roster for Dekalb Market.

I am taking a little breather today to clean up slightly around the house. But tomorrow onward will be another tough 2 weeks to catch all the deadlines for Dekalb on Aug 20.

Given the experience of last week, I think I may need to bring some Bunnies Can Dream items for the 20th craft show. It is just really hard to get stuff done without having a full studio set up at home. Traveling to the city or 3rd Ward takes up 2 hours of my time already in a day. And the cost of production goes up as well with me having to pay an hourly cost for the studio.

It is just not easy to run your own business, not to say to run your own production as well. In a way, I think it was good that I didn't commit to the Union Sq holiday market after all.

I hope I can do better on my inventory for the coming show. I will need every ounce of my energy in the next 11 days.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet me - Updates

I posted earlier that I will be at the Northside Market this coming Sun. Well, I won't be :P I will be in Astoria Queens instead!

Northside is closing early this summer unfortunately. So I'm returning to Astoria Market bringing with me Jessica of Hans My Hedgehog. So you can meet us still, just a different place.

Date: August 7, 2011
Time: 2 - 7pm (Note the change in time!)

The location is accessible by:
1) Subway
Take the N or Q train to Astoria Boulevard. Get off at the Northwest Exit and it's a block away.
2) Car
Road-side parking or 2 municipal parking lots on 33rd Street between Ditmars and 23rd Avenue.

This is a little map to help you along. And my earlier post about the great Astoria Beer Garden and Astoria Market.

Ok, Brooklyn folks don't be sad ;) I'll be at the Dekalb Market with MyCinta on August 20 instead. I'll post some more about it later.

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