Thursday, August 25, 2011

Infamous salty oatmeal - Poisonous Food Journal Entry #1

To kick off the Poisonous Food Journal, I have to start with my infamous salty oatmeal that turns my husband's stomach and scared my ex-coworkers during lunch/dinner table at work pantries of different agencies across the continents.

It all started in college and it actually tastes more like Chinese congee and not poisonous at all. If I am willing to make this stove top, this could be a tasty healthy comfort food. But of course, this journal is for the lazy and hungry, so stove is obviously not available in our circumstance of discussion.

Laziest way:
The easiest way is to get the 1-minute oatmeal, throw in a pack of instant soup, add water and microwave. Voila! 1 minute later you have a high fibre-low calories meal. Do it in a paper cup you don't even have to wash anything.

Edible way:
Take dry Asian mushroom and soak it in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Then slice them up.
Take your old-fashioned oatmeal, add the water from the mushroom and half a can of soup or a pack of instant soup (replace it with chicken essence if you don't have any soup at home), add some more water, throw in the mushroom or even add an egg, start boiling everything and in 15 minutes you have a great tasting, actually pretty healthy meal, and a lot of pots and bowls and utensils to wash.

Good luck and remember, eat at your own risk!

P.S. I'll add a pic of my bowl next time I make it ;)

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