Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tight Spot

Last week was a tough one trying to get Harlequin&Lionhead Rose collection ready for the Astoria Market (also changing market last minute from Brooklyn to Queens!). But it helps a little on this week hopefully so I can start working on a new collection to be added to the roster for Dekalb Market.

I am taking a little breather today to clean up slightly around the house. But tomorrow onward will be another tough 2 weeks to catch all the deadlines for Dekalb on Aug 20.

Given the experience of last week, I think I may need to bring some Bunnies Can Dream items for the 20th craft show. It is just really hard to get stuff done without having a full studio set up at home. Traveling to the city or 3rd Ward takes up 2 hours of my time already in a day. And the cost of production goes up as well with me having to pay an hourly cost for the studio.

It is just not easy to run your own business, not to say to run your own production as well. In a way, I think it was good that I didn't commit to the Union Sq holiday market after all.

I hope I can do better on my inventory for the coming show. I will need every ounce of my energy in the next 11 days.

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