Friday, August 12, 2011

Treasury update - July/August (Part 2)

Here we go, part 2 and more delightful items to brighten up your day. (see part 1 here)

This is created by raganella, featuring my Shadow of a Tree green necklace

This is created by Popetiquette, featuring my Jelly Fish necklace

This is created by valderie, featuring my Secret Garden macrame bracelet

This is created by mamabetsy, featuring my Lantern earrings

This is created by springhofeldt, featuring my The Lake necklace

This is created by esoneofone, featuring my Seaside coral necklace

This is created by MarbleandMilkweed, featuring my Shadow of a Tree red necklace

This is created by biancadenise, featuring my Blossoming in the Sun earrings

This is created by Byathreadbags, featuring my Pink Berries earrings

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