Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treasury update - July/August (Part 1)

OK, I've been crazy with my craft shows and Harlequin&Lionhead collections I have not even updated my treasury features for more than a month!

So here they are. Your eye candy part 1 ;)
This beautiful treasury is created by InnaBela,
featuring my Holly-Firework macrame earrings
(click HERE for the whole Fireworks collection)

This is created by raganella, featuring my teal Meteor earrings
(Click HERE to see my whole Meteor collection)

This is created by BrooklynBags, featuring my Grapes earrings.

This is created by mamabetsy,
featuring my Lady's Mantle macrame hoop earrings
(Click HERE to see the whole Macrame hoop collection)

This is created by MySelvagedLife, featuring my A Midsummer Night's Dream coral necklace.

This is created by literaryberry, featuring my Pink Berries earrings.

This is created by MarbleandMilkweed, and the next one is created by HansMyHedgehog. Both featuring my Sea Urchins necklace.

Part 2 coming soon ;)

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