Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year - update and resolution

Sorry folks I have not been active on my blog and there has been few product posting in my shop. 2009 turned out to be a milestone in my life though shadowed by a family passing.

One of my beloved rabbits passed away. Toffee was the sweetest thing and he was a brave soldier. He fought off head tilt and lived with a loop-sided head for over a year and finally was conquered by kidney failure. He was a happy tropper until the very end and still remained the most adorable and positive creature I have encountered so far. His bro Charcoal is now the king of the house and got all my attention in the past few months. We want to make sure he is ok with everything and that he knows he is loved.

Then I got married this Dec as well. So a good reason to be absent?

Anyways, my new year resolutions:
1) Lose the pounds gained from 2009!
2) Leave my crappy day job for a better one!
3) Launch a new line of jewelry (more macrame and knottings!)

So watch out for new updates ;)

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