Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank you email from a customer! :D

Getting a "+" feedbacks is probably nothing to brag about. But what really makes a jewelry maker happy is a personal thank you note from your customer.

If you are reading this as a customer and you really appreciate a seller, don't just only leave a "+" but also send a note. You cannot imagine the joy on the receiving end!!

I opened my gift this weekend and I wanted to say Thank You very much for the beautiful bracelet that you made, that my husband purchased. I thought the little "Made With Love" tag was great, and Brad is going to try to attach it to the bracelet for me. The bracelet is beautiful and because of its clear color I can wear it with anything, which will make it one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry. :)

Many thanks!

Thank you too~I will try my best to bring more beautiful jewelry to you all!

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