Friday, November 12, 2010

Thoughts from my trip

After 3+ weeks of vacation, I'm finally back in US though I'm giving myself one more day of rest at home today :P

During my vacation, I stopped over at Tokyo airport and snapped some interesting product shots of Kitkat. I went to Taiwan and visited my little aunt and my baby cousin. Hopped over to Macau and saw Dragone's "The World of Dancing Waters". Met up with a lot of friends and my family in HK...It's a great trip though tiring.

I realized now that me and my friends are all in our 30s, we are really talking about time in the unit of decade. Pregancy, children and marriage has overtaken love relationships and our stupid jobs as key areas of focus.

Coming from an advertising background, a career more suitable for young people, a few of us actually found ourselves wondering at the onset of a mid-life crisis, how our diligent effort in the past 10-15 years have not really provided us a job that we can see ourselves doing in the next 10-20 years. And that we are facing a question of either a career change, or a desire to run our own business, so we can have more control over how our work fits in with our ever-changing lifestyle stepping into middle age and a totally new stage of life where our priorities are drastically changing.

Very soon, our topics will probably move onto mortgage and parents' health. It's really a very odd transformation that you can probably only spot when talking to old friends who grow up with you, and have not seen you for a long time.

The most important lesson learned looking back at my trip is how we cannot take everything for granted - the dislusion of things will not change, or that we have control over everything, and we can plan everything before things happen. It is pretty scary to see that some of these "security" blankets that kept us happy growing up are lifted from our lives. Now we worry all the time and not a lot of things can give us that same carefree safety feeling even when things are looking rosy, because we know it probably won't last, or that they don't come easily. I would say we learn to treasure life more.

In a person's life, say if you live till 80, only 20 years at most are times when we don't need to worry about reality. And within that, we bumped around the world being adventurous but at the same time rebellious and depressed. Life is truly too short to be carefree and happy. I wish children of the world could be happier, and seniors can be healthier and receive more love. Meanwhile, we can only keep trying and keep hoping that we have done everything we can for our kids and parents...

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