Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Whirls" Collection

Whirls Collection Statement Necklace in whiteWhirlsN_WhBig2SMWhirlsN_WhBig3SMBlackSwan_nameSMWhirlsN_Big_1SMWhirlsN_Big2SM
Whirls Necklace #3 in black and gun metal

"Whirls" Collection
The “Whirls” Collection is launched in Bunnies Can Dream as a crossover line to Debbie’s other jewelry brand, Harlequin&Lionhead. The polymer clay version is featured at Bunnies Can Dream, while the metal version will be available at Harlequin&Lionhead on Nov 1.

The “Whirls” Collection showcases clusters of organic shapes that are perceived differently by different people. It could be interpreted as feathers, flowers, leaves or even coral pieces. It is edgy but with a subtle sensitivity. Each piece is handmade by Debbie in New York and not produced in mould, so they are one-of-a-kind with its own personality.

The clay pieces are made of polymer clay, heated to harden, and treated with layers of gloss and matt protective finishing to create different textures and increase durability.

Check out the details of each piece at Bunnies Can Dream on Etsy here.

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