Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coming soon - Rose Bracelet by Harlequin&Lionhead

OK, here comes another design for Harlequin&Lionhead! The last big rose received a lot of compliments but as I'm still working on bringing it to the commercial world, I thought it may be easier to introduce one that carries small roses like my current collection.

Turned out, this is hard! I spent a whole day making this bracelet and at one point the blue wax got really soft the bracelet broke into 4 pieces and it was almost impossible to put it back together. So after a few melt downs and fixing, the bracelet somehow changed shape to whatever it is now. And it finally stablized. I guess the roses didn't like how they looked before? I do though :(  oh well...we'll see how this looks when it comes out from casting!

So someone asked me this question earlier. How come the wax shown in my previous posts are different in colors?  Green is the hardest wax, followed by purple, blue and pink. I use green mostly to create structural piece, like the little roses or rings. The blue ones are mostly used to make models out of molds. Today I use the blue wax as well for the base of the bracelet as they are more flexible to work with (which is also why it broke so many times ~_~). We usually use purple wax for carving. Pink as sheet wax.

I'll post an update of the final product on later!

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