Thursday, December 9, 2010

My year in status 2010

Here's a fb apps that's worth playing with. Check out My Year in Status which helps you combine all your status descriptions in a year (you can select if you have too many to display on one sheet) into a nice design, all in a few clicks.

I think it's a rather eye-opening process to look at my status in a year all together. Somehow I have a different perception of myself from what I wrote. Granted that I left out some details but the combination of Debbie Liu and Deb Bunnynikisha (my shop fb acct) tells a story. I have to say on a personal level I really didn't achieve much. But professionally (if you can call that), I moved ahead far along.

Maybe that's how things are supposed to be, when you hit mid-30s. Romance plays hide-and-seek sometimes. And when your mid-life crisis moment comes, a drastic change happens.

To me, it's in my career development. Honestly, I feel like I have not done much but just quit. But no one can reap without sowing. And from my status I feel like I'm doing ok sowing. It's probably just not time yet for the harvest.

The feeling of lost sometimes is hard. Time is not stopping and you need to somehow hang on. Even facing a huge performance improvement seems nothing if there is no actual results. It's not like when we are kids we have 20 years to learn, test and trial :( And since the world we live in now is so complicated, there is no scorecard to say "you are A". It's easy to wobble a bit when you have no sales, and you think, maybe I'm just not that good. And then the savings goes down, and you feel the heat.

When I'm feeling down I would be reading My Year in Status, and tell myself this one line I quoted before that gives me strength again now:
"It's easier to learn to do without some of the things that money can buy than to earn the money to buy them." - Dolly Freed.
(oh but don't get me wrong, I still want $!)

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