Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comforting strange tofu - Poisonous Food Journal Entry #2

I wanted to put up something quite scary for the 2nd entry but I feel like something comforting in this sudden chill and rainy day of NY.  So I'm posting my recent favorite - Instant tofu.

Soft tofu is so flexible. You can eat it directly from the box with syrup (or if you are lazy like me, just brown sugar). Or you can dump it into the pot with meat stew and chili pepper sauce to make Ma Po Tofu dish that is warm and savory.  But the challenge to extreme laziness is to make a salty warm tofu dish WITHOUT a stove, pan and meat.

Yes, make it like instant noodles! That's why you are reading this.

3 steps to ultimate laziness:
1. Open package and drain water out. (If you don't, this will really become poisonous) Then cut the tofu inside the box, then dump them into a bowl.
2. Add Japanese rice topping. (it has salty flavor in it and you can choose from a range from plum and seaweed, to fish and sesame. Get them at your local jap grocery stores) Add a little bit of water.
3. Microwave the whole thing for 2 mins on high, take it out, mix and eat.

All can be done in no more than 15 mins hohoho...

Good luck and remember, eat at your own risk!

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