Friday, September 24, 2010

Behind the scene of the upcoming sterling silver collection

You may remember my earlier posting on the wax rose, well, it came out really nice but I'm working on the finishing so you'll see it soon. Meanwhile, I'm giving you a sneak peek into my workstation and the rest of the rose collection, debuting October! I work with wax to create models for the silver pieces. And my survival tools are 1) tile (as the tabletop), 2) alcohol lamp, 3) 1-2 key dental tools, 4) wax. That's it! Then it's skills, patience and imagination!
My collection is all about details. Except for the full bloom rose bracelet, the other pieces are made of small roses. Each rose is probably about quarter inch wide.
The roses are put together to form different pieces. The lower bottom of the little case is a pair of 3-rose earrings that can be worn along your earlops curving up, or hang down from your ears. It's an elegant piece.
The most stunning piece is probably the full rose ring. It showcases 15 or so roses in a full circle.
I also made another ring that is adjustable with the opening on the front that is part of the design. It does not look like an adjustable ring at all. In fact, I like it more when it's opened up!
This last piece is a rose wreath pendant made of 6 roses.
I'll be posting the sterling silver pieces in the next posting. It's going to be available in store in Oct but pre-order can be accepted! Stay tuned ;)

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