Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion trend and Etsy finally connects - Part 1, FW 2010

After seeing weeks and weeks of Etsy Finds and all the nice comments from everyone, I think it's time for intervention. Who says handcraft community cannot catch up with what's hot in the real work out there? Well...sometimes we don't. Honestly I'm first to raise my hand that I'm one of those people who just enjoys being who I really am on Etsy. But if we are to put out trends in a blog, we should do it properly shouldn't we?

I've gathered from a few sources in media and online to bring you just a snapshot of the trends. I have started looking for them on Etsy but so far it seems like a tough task. I'm sure you guys are out there, once I get past the "optimized" search engine on Etsy...

Fall/Winter 2010

1) Ultra-feminine 60s (think MadMen)

2) Sleek and confident 70s (Stylized and modernized Charlie's Angels)

3) The Military Turns Feminine

4) Sexy and Exposed (Lingerie outerwear)

5) Bold and Graphical (Cut-outs!)

(From #6 onwards are all elemental pieces that can go with any of the 5 looks above)

6) Leather

7) Camel coat

8) Double-breasted jackets (sex neutral, more masculine)

9) Lace and see-through

10) Knee-high socks and white stockings

The trick to modernizing a look is to mix and match to create a surprise. Or if you are sticking to the original, get really good quality pieces rather than just inheriting from your grandma, or as 2010 goes, your grandpa.

On accesorizing:
Layered rings or bracelets, warrior or tribal inspired, knee-high boots, clutches, aviation fur collar/scarves are all good.


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