Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion trend and Etsy finally connects - Part 2, SS 2011

Following the Part 1 featuring Fall/Winter 2010 women fashion trends, here is the Spring and Summer 2011 forecast.

Spring/Summer 2011

Phew, time flies and it's almost 2011. I am still lingering in the memories of summer. Looking ahead into Spring/Summer 2011 is rather quite exciting in the shadow of the cold and bare winter time...So instead of starting of with the themes, why don't we start with the colors this time!


Lenzing Fibers released it's Q1,2011 forecast! Click here to see the full story or click here to download a PDF version of "Lenzing Color Trends 2011".

Remember "Soften / Energize / Excite" as your keywords when it comes to color selection early next year. It's all about being uplifting.

1) Celebration of the revival. It's all about richness, sparkles and passion!

2) Abstraction - colder colors that work with architectural and industrial designs and fabric.

3) New Classic - nothing loud but just unexpected pairing of colors, design and fabric.

4) Aqueous - as the color suggested, the floating coolness

5) Perleage - Luxe in pastel

Regarding the themes of SS 2011, it's FW 2010 less the jackets, coats, and the roughness. Let's see what the authority of trendspotting, the French trend agency NellyRodi has to say (These are themes that apply to clothing and accessories). I've captured the concept boards here for you. Click here to download the PDF of the full descriptions.

1) Tiny Pleasures. Keywords: "Sensitive, Romantic, Poetic, Timeless, Spirtual"

2) Exotic Junk. Keywords : "Wild, Anti-establishment, Neo pirates, Disobedient, Dazzling"

3) Elitist Elegance. Keywords : "Charismatic, Off-beat, Seducer, Precious, Aesthetic"

4) Color Therapy. Keywords : "Frugality, Simplicity, Joy, Sharing, Durability"

The story of colors and themes are coming together. Cannot wait to see what's in store for us next year!

I'm still working on getting the Etsy treasury together that goes with the trend posts. Hope to have that ready next week! Stay tuned.

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