Saturday, June 18, 2011

Behind the scene - Photoshoot

So this week has been crazy for me. I got 25 new product listings at my Etsy store and that means I have photographed and retouched about 120 pictures. There was no time for rest after my craft show, and I still have to prep for my wholesale/consignment line sheets, go for a couple interviews, and come up with a brand new line for Harlequin& addition to trying to find a driving school and get that out of the way this summer. I am both exhausted and excited!

Back to the photoshoot, how did I do it? Well I do have my trusty assistants to help out. You may have read about them in my earlier blog posting. But isn't it funny to see them at work again? If only my pet rabbit Charcoal could help hold the camera while I pose but he said he was too busy...oh well.

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