Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasury post for June

Here comes the eye candy!
My curation of some really interesting and beautiful pieces...

Well, this particular treasury is quite close to heart recently. I curated collaborative work on Etsy in this one. There are more of it if you search by the word "collaboration" on Etsy but a few to keep you inspired. A specific note to the Stick Me "Art is us" sticker book. There are actually 2 of them by now, featuring 16 illustration artists in the most adorable form. 
A must see!

This one is for the summer! A highlight is the 3rd one on first row. 
It's by Yaelfran showing you how to tumble! So much fun.

I love illustration as you probably can tell by now :P 
So this one is for you artists and graphic designers out there.

This is a quick one for the new 5 Boroughs Team members in May. 
I will try to make one for June soon ;)

OK, treasuries featuring my work...

This one is by Tyramade, featuring my "Seaside" coral necklace.

This is by BrianWT108, featuring my "Fireworks earrings - Holly".

This is by SistasJewelry, featuring my latest macrame hoop earrings, "Mandarin Tree".

This refreshing treasury is created by MamaBetsy again! It features my "Lantern" earrings.

Last but not least, this is created by Jascamille, featuring my "Persimmons" earrings.

Remember, more to come and look for "Treasury" tag to find these postings from June onwards.

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