Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The day is bright

Selling online means you don't get to see the response of your customers. You don't get to see how your creation looks like on another person. But today, I have a chance to feel the joy.

Not only did I got a few sales, I also have the luxury of hearing my customer said "I really like's so pretty I want to wear it right away..."

Seeing my jewelry on someone else makes me feel quite proud, and at the same time like a mom at your child's wedding.

Every piece I make shares a little dream of mine, and carries a special memory of injecting a condensed dose of imagination into a small thing. Now connecting the dots from where I was with the raw materials to where it is now on a happy customer really makes everything clear. This is what jewelry making is all about. It's creating happiness and satisfaction. It's like making chocolate and desserts. It's not a big deal, but things like these help the creator and the customer really enjoy life better.

Earlier I started doubting my ability to create something that makes people smile like I do when I'm making them. It's hard because you feel like you are running a virtual shop and no one knows about you. Different people heart your shop and nothing came out from these activities. Do they not like what they see? Am I not selling at the right price so people can feel good buying it? Is it because they don't feel the jewelry as how I want them to project?

Sometimes it's the little "thank you" that makes life brighter. A day like this becomes extremely precious in the struggle of selling your work. It's not even the revenue - in this economy, it's probably the last thing I can expect - but the encouragement.

Jewelry making to me is sharing a dream. And today I'm hopeful that I can continue this dream.

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