Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More on bracelets

Of all the accessories a girl can throw on herself, bracelets to me are the most interesting. It's an eye-candy for both the wearer and the people who look at the wearer. Because of that bracelets are almost a self-fulfilling medium - you see people in certain religion wear special strings around their wrists, specific cultures would choose to put a bracelet on a new-born's wrist...etc.

That's why I believe bracelets are important representation of yourself than a piece of accessory. And because of that, I'm particularly in love with the Blueberry Fields bracelet that I introduced in my first posting earlier. It is a very subjective matter so it's hard to pin-point why I like it so much.

I have one myself and I wear it to every conference I need to go and present work in my advertising day job. And I'm sad to say that I have recently misplaced the piece and I hate to have to make a new one to replace it. A bracelet like that is made differently everytime. Depending on how the weight distribute and it's very whimsical...I may eventually bring it back in its second life if I don't find it in the next week or so at home... :( I hope it has a good home if I lost it outside.

Anyways, I made a sister version of it with fractured crystals and you can see it here. A different feeling somehow from the purple/blue one that glitters like crazy in light. This one is a subtler version and the character comes from the various tiny cracks inside the cyrstal ball.

The other one I really like is The Bracelet of Mermaids made of agate chips. I discovered the agate guitar picks and just fell in love with them. They are semi-transparent and light, making them very delicate looking. And each one has its unique pattern and color which is like fingerprints. When the picks hit each other on my bracelet they make crispy sound. I adore them! I'd say my bracelets are on the slightly chunkier side but bracelets should be fun!

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  1. nice!! :) i didn't see this when i bought the two: blueberry fields and agate "guitar picks"!! i had no idea. i actually wore the agate one while i was playing my guitar. what a coincidence!! and i LOVE wearing them! i can't wait till summer is here so i can wear them without hiding them under the coat!



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