Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little gem near the Niagara Falls

This is what you would have seen if you were there with me in May this year.

Too cold and too wet. This year's spring was a long one. Though I love the freshness of this season, I'm so glad that summer is pretty much here now. I was told that the winter was too harsh with lots of ice building up so when I was there almost 2 wks ago, most of the sections at the Cave of the Winds were not open despite that they let you in for a quick look (I wish they had told me so I could have saved my few bucks!) With the rain and the weather, there were not a lot of tourists as well. Though I didn't see the rainbow, a misty Niagara Falls was kinda amazing too. It was just too cold :(

But I love my Bed & Breakfast - Hillcrest Inn. It's a nice house with 4 rooms available. I stayed at the French Room and it's just a little safe haven in this horrible weather.

The owner of the inn is called Cassidy and she is a sweet efficient manager as well. She provides local maps and suggestions on how to enjoy the falls and nearby attractions in different regions. She is also a great cook! We had our home-cooked breakfast at her lovely porch overlooking the Niagara Falls. Tea and Coffee is served with bakery throughout the day at the inn. And the inn is only 15 mins walk from Cave of the Winds or Maid of the Mists visitor centers. So a hungry tired guest can always come back for a quick bit and a short rest before heading out again. If you are crazy for shopping, guests receive a complimentary coupon book with $800 in savings for the Fashion Outlet Mall of Niagara Falls! You'll never know...after a wet day at the falls, you may need a new set of clothes afterall...

Visit the homepage of the Hillcrest Inn here. They even have a Japanese page available!

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