Monday, May 2, 2011

Report on my first craft show

One month has come and gone. So did my first craft show. May 1 turned out to be an important day after all for me and for the world. I am only too happy that the show was a success AND down it goes the world's #1 terrorist.

So let's take a look at my "booth". First one in my life and hopefully a lot more to come.

It's more like a table than a booth. I know...
It's great that this is outdoor and the white stands out well in the sunlit field of grass. But I will definitely need to help the jewelry pops better in the future with maybe a different color table cloth, more leverage to create height...etc. Hey but I learned how to keep my poster boards on ground. Tie a plastic cable strip on each leg of the easel to a leg of a chair that we sit on. What a great tip from the organizer! (oh I'm so ashamed :P)

The great things so far about doing a craft show are not only moving some inventory, but also getting feedbacks (which can be so motivating!), distributing business cards and getting email addresses to build mailing list, being exposed to retail shop owners who may be looking for consignment, and event organizers who are looking for potential vendors. These have much longer effect than the sales at the event and the last two are most important for me. I am very encouraged and hope to be able to get in another one soon in the summer and try another neighborhood/type of show.

It was very tiring but now I understand why people love showing at markets. :)

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