Monday, May 23, 2011

Missing my treasury updates? Here they are ;)

Alright folks, I'm sorry for being absent since the craft show on this blog. My mom came for a visit and I went to some really impressive locations with her, which I'll update you in the next blog post. But here are the accumulation of treasuries in May - definitely a feast to the eyes. Enjoy!

First off, my own treasury featuring some of the interesting pieces on Etsy I stumbled upon.

This one originally featured 16 items but good for the sellers, they are sold and removed from the feature. Oh well...still 12 rabbits to keep my grin going ear to ear...

Perfect for the gloomy wet days in this year's extended spring...

This is built on a theme by the 5 Boroughs Team, that was inspired by a greek myth. It's all about lines in different forms, 2-D/3D/straight/curve/silhouette.

Next, my jewelry featured on Etsy...

This eye-candy treasury is created by BrooklynBags, featuring my Grapes earrings. So delicious that I can't bear to overlay the usual grey tone on the treasury! I just love it!!!

This yummy orange treasury is created by BeautifulMessByEmma, featuring my Persimmons Earrings.

This lovely spring treasury is created by CutiepieCompany, featuring my Shadow of a Tree necklace.

This is created by PorterGulch, featuring also my Persimmons Earrings.

This elegant treasury is created by MarbleandMilkweed, featuring my A Dream of Fish agate earrings.

This is created by AzizaJewelry, featuring my Snowflakes bracelet.

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