Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hungry bunny at KickShaw in Astoria Queens

The bunny in me is definitely on summer vacation now. There is really not much update on my jewelry but I've been hopping around eating.

So here is a nice little joint at Astoria Queens I feel obliged to share with everyone - the Queens KickShaw.

It is recently recommended on TimeOutNewYork and apparently, upon a quick google search, all over the map on the internet. No wonder, it is a delicious place with lots of energy.

I ordered a Grilled Mozzarella and Cheddar Brioche with Tomato Soup and the Kitchen Sank Salad. Oh my it was very filling! I love melted cheese and for a while I was in heaven. I was about to pass out from joy and all my manners went out of the window. I think I licked my fingers...

To top it off, the little bowl of tomato soup that came with spiced pumpkin seeds added the needed acidity to the mix so you don't feel greasy at all with the sandwich.

The kitchen sank salad did have pretty much everything in it...quail eggs, asparagus, arugula, ice lettuce, carrots, spiced pumpkin seeds, baby name it! I had blue cheese on top but you can choose feta cheese as well.

Mind you, you'll have to be super hungry to take all these in. I couldn't have dinner that night!

The coffee should be good but it was too hot so I went for a cup of iced coffee and honestly it was pretty good even with ice in it.

I overheard the owner (I think) talking to some customers about his coffee selection and how certain beans give out a vanilla aroma...I want to try it next time!

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