Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relaunch of my blog

Finally I took some time to tweak my blog and planning on rolling out a series of editorial changes. It takes a lot of effort to execute this but I know I owe you all this.

Let's talk about the upcoming content, then about a new offer for my readers ;)

From now on weekly -
The blog will be updated with info of my etsy shop postings and interesting stories on the creative process / how-to, my inspirations, techniques, and references for indie lovers.

Starting from August on a monthly basis -
I'll be getting some help from my friends in the fashion world to bring to you latest trend updates and some tips on mix-and-match of your outfits and accessories.

August will be a sneak peak into the Fall/Winter fashion trends. I'll be posting soon about September so stay tuned.

You can follow me on my blog or pop by anytime you like. But you can also email me if you prefer to receive a monthly concentrated dose of update.

***Now here comes the offer!!***

Send me you email address and you will receive a 30% off discount on any ONE item in my etsy store.
If you send me both your email address and mailing address, you will have a choice of receiving this cute pair of studs or a button size pin (see samples here).

There is no end date to this offer. I'll be posting this up from time to time but feel free to refer your friends and I'll throw in free shipping for your next order!

You can email me at

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