Monday, July 13, 2009

Mint Obsession

I got these really cute beads from the Fashion District awhile back and fell in love of the minty color immediately. I mean, everyone knows me as a green frenetic but it's not easy to come across really cute mint green color accessories. So I decided to make not 1, but 2 different pieces this week.

Sea Urchins - White + Mint necklace #1

As you probably would notice that I love ribbons. So why not use them as the necklace instead of only as a mean to tie the necklace on the neck (like my Nostalgia flourite necklace)?

Sea Urchins
Sea Urchins

Besides, you can wear it long or short. This is how to do it -
1) Double the necklace around your neck so both ends are a loop.
2) Throw one end through the other at the length you want - I measure it so that the base of your neck should be where the green beads are
3) Make sure that the sections of green beads hook onto each other into a knot as shown in the 1st picture which will fasten the necklace.

Neat huh?

Minty Cream Puff - White + Mint necklace #2

What's better than a circle of deliciousness around your neck?

Mint Cream Puff
Mint Cream Puff

Well, I'm not the only one crazy with Mint this week, check out Etsy Finds and see what Mary has in store for you with more shades of Mint!

More of my crazy mint obsessions...

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