Saturday, April 16, 2011

Preparation for the craft show

Just want to share with you where I am now. It's my first craft show so I don't really have much to begin with.

Well I am almost done with the table top display. Today I put out the jewelry inventory I have so far on the display to see how it looks like and I think I have a lot of earrings still to go...There are another tree coming from Singapore that will be solely for Harlequin&Lionhead. I'll post it when I got it.

One thing worth mentioning on the display is that I ordered the acrylic trees from Weaselfactory and I have to say, she probably gave me the best customer service possible in the world. She is the same artist that created the "Oh, Happy Day/Oh, Crappy Day" acrylic ring set in my earlier post.

Weaselfactory is in UK but no only did she offer to help me make the deadline by having the trees flew all the way to US in a luggage and ship locally with USPS, she custom-made the trees to include my two rabbits at no additional costs, and gave me a quantity discount (I ordered 4 trees from her). Throughout the process she has been most patient and showed me drawings and helped me figure out how to put in studs and necklaces on the trees...It is exactly sellers like her that keep me in love with Etsy. It's a community where people respect each other, and try their best to deliver quality work and services. Check out Weaselfactory's shop if you have a chance. She offers not only acrylic display but also jewelry ;)

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