Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Treasury Features this week!

This is a quick snapshot of all my features this past week on Etsy treasury!

My fav so far is this one by Valderie, featuring my Shadow of a Tree in red.

This is created by Aoristic and is part of the 5 Boroughs Team On Etsy's week 7 challenge - Black/White+1. You can see the other treasuries under this theme at the blog posting here.
Here, my Little Peaches necklace/bracelet is featured.

This is created by MadameKoiteh, featuring my Persimmons Earrings and another earrings, 2-Way Rose Earrings in 24K gold plating, from my other shop, Harlequin&Lionhead.

This next one is created by IslaNewYork, featuring A Midsummer Night's Dream necklace from my shop, and the 2-Way Rose Earrings in sterling silver from my other shop, Harlequin&Lionhead.

This is created by AzizaJewelry, featuring my Raindrops necklace.

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